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Company History

Britannia G APLL in 1966. Image courtesy of  the Airline History website.Fugro-BKS (formerly BKS Surveys) was established in 1956 in Leatherhead, Surrey. The founding shareholders, J.W.Barnby, M.Keegan and R.W. Stevens, gave the company its initials B.K.S. At this time the main sources of business were aerial photography and topographical surveys.

In 1965, Fugro-BKS expanded its operation through new offices in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, and in 1967, the Leatherhead production facility was transferred to an enlarged Coleraine unit, from which all overseas and European operations have since been controlled.

In April 2008 BKS joined the Fugro group.  The Fugro group, based in Holland, has more than 300 operating companies worldwide, providing a range of geotechnical survey and geoscience services. 

Today the company employs 100+ people at the head-office in Coleraine with sub-offices in Leeds and Uppingham.